Taramps Audio Mixer T0602

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Taramps Audio Mixer T0602

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BenefitsVarious Mixing Possibilities
Six Input Channels
Very Low Level of Noise or Hiss

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T 0602

With the T 0602 mixer, controlling and mixing your sound system just got a lot smoother and easier. The 6 input channels, with 16 connections, allow several mixing possibilities, among them are: microphone, players, musical instruments (e.g. keyboard and guitar), and so on. With gain and Level adjustment in all its ways, it allows your gain structure to be impeccable. In addition, to give that special tuning in your equalization, all channels have tonal equalization in 4 bands (bass, mid-bass, mid-high and high). And it couldn’t come out without the visual indication of each of the channels with On, Clipping and Signal leds, also featuring the V.U. output where we can ensure more volume of sound without undesired distortions, guaranteeing very low level of noise or hiss.

Output Connector

Through the two output channels, we can send audio signal to peripherals such as equalizers, audio processors or directly to amplifiers. It is also possible to use the auxiliary output to send audio to other systems, making it possible to control the volume and adjust the phase, correcting possible cancellations. T 0602, quality and control at your reach.

Technical features

Frequency Response (-3dB) 2Hz ~ 76Khz
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.009% (T.H.D)
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) 112dB
Channel 1 and 2 input sensitivity Mic (XLR) Min: 500mV ~ Max 7mV
Line (TRS) Min: 620mV ~ Max 7.6mV
Input sensitivity of channel 3 ~ 6 Line (TRS/RCA) Min: 2.55V ~ Max: 60mV
4 EQ bands per channel High +15dB (18KHz)
Mid High +15dB (2.4KHz)
Mid Low +15dB (240Hz)
LOW +15dB (30Hz)
Impedance of channel 1 and 2 inputs Mic (XRL): Unbalanced 4K Ohms
Balanced 8K Ohms
Line (TRS): Unbalanced 8.5K Ohms
Balanced 17KOhms
Input impedance of channel 3 ~ 6 Line (TRS): Unbalanced 95K Ohms
Line (RCA): Unbalanced 95K Ohms
Output impedance Main Out (TRS/RCA): 47R
Aux Out (TRS/RCA): 47R
Maximum output level Main Out (TRS/RCA): 18 dBu/6.3 Vac
Aux Out (TRS/RCA): 18 dBu/6.3 Vac
Power Voltage 9 ~ 16 Vdc
Maximum consumption 500 mA
Remote Input (REM Connector) 9 ~ 16 Vdc
Remote Output (REM Connector) 350 mA
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.63" x 1.65" x 8.66"
Weight 2.16lb


1 year warranty

Taramps recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.