Taramps BASS 30k 30000 Watts RMS Car Audio Amplifier 1 Ohm

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Taramps BASS 30k 30000 Watts RMS Car Audio Amplifier 1 Ohm

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Benefits30000 Watts
1 Channel
1 Ohm
Big Power
Extreme Bass
Variable Bass Boost



Technical features

Number of Channels1 Channel
Maximum Power1 Ohm:
@ 14.4 VDC - 1 Ohm: 30000 Watts RMS
@ 14.4 VDC - 2 Ohms: 17010 Watts RMS
Frequency Response8Hz ~ 250Hz (-3dB)
Crossover High Pass (HPF)8Hz ~ 30Hz (-12dB/8th) Variable
Crossover Low Pass (LPF)60Hz ~ 250Hz (-12dB/8th) Variable
Bass BoostFrequency: 35Hz ~ 60Hz
Boost: 0 ~ 10dB
Output Impedance1 Ohm
Minimum Supply Voltage9 VDC
Maximum Power Supply Voltage17 VDC
Positive / Negative Power Supply Cable2 x 2/0 AWG (2 x 70 mm²)
Output cables wire gauge7 AWG (10 mm²)
Remote Cable18 AWG (0.75 mm²)
Protection fuse or circuit breaker1160A
Dimensions (W x H x D)9.37" x 2.79" x 41.10" (238 x 71 x 1044 mm)
Weight42.24 lbs (19.20 Kg)

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The BASS 30K has been carefully designed with the highest technology, with high efficiency and performance for car audio systems aimed at sub-bass and bass responses, in the frequency range of 8Hz to 250Hz. It has a maximum power of 30,000 Watts in 1 channel of 1 ohm. It features customized adjustments according to the trunk size and the most prominent frequency of each vehicle, through BASS BOOST and the option to choose the central frequency. This amplifier offers much more displacement control, through its SUBSONIC FILTER, volume control and LOW PASS, to get your bass just perfect. Welcome to the audio world by Taramps!

Functions, inputs and outputs

INPUT (R and L) Inputs of signals to be amplified. LEVEL It sets the amplifier input sensitivity. With adjustment of SUBSONIC and LOW PASS, BASS BOOST and Freq.SPEAKER Output (positive and negative) to transducers connection (speakers).

Power supply connector

Use a 2 x 70mm² (2/0 AWG) cable directly from the positive and negative battery pole. It is recomended that all cables must have tinned ends to improve electrical contact and all power inputs must be used.

Technical features

Operation ClassClass D
Number of Channels01
Maximum Power@ 14,4 VDC - 1 Ohm: 30000 Watts RMS
@ 14,4 VDC - 2 Ohm: 17010 Watts RMS
Input Sensitivity400mV
Frequency Response8Hz ~ 250Hz (-3dB)
Crossover High Pass (HPF)8Hz ~ 30Hz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Crossover Low Pass(LPF)60Hz ~ 250KHz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Protection SystemOutput Short / Short on output relative to GND / High and Low Power Supply and Thermal protection.
Maximum Music Consumption1156A
Maximum Consumption in Sinusoidal Signal2312A
Dimensions(H X W X D)9.37" x 2.79" x 41.10"


1 year warranty

Taramps recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.