Taramps Procharger 180A Power Supply 180 Amperes Battery Charger

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Taramps Procharger 180A Power Supply 180 Amperes Battery Charger

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Benefits180 Ampère
Bivolt Automatic
2590W maximum output power

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Always seeking to bring safety and quality, the Taramps Group developed the PROCHARGER 180A, an automotive power source in aluminum and modern design, which allows for excellent heat dissipation. It’s the most sophisticated and efficient for high power energy converters for recharging and powering an automotive sound system with up to 180 Amps. It has microcontroller management of its functions, SMART COOLER system that provides low noise level and greater durability, is automatic bivolt, has voltmeter, adjustable output voltage from 12.4 to 14.8VDC and current control. The energy your automotive sound needs to provide maximum performance.

Output Connector

VOLTAGE SELECTOR/FINE ADJ Select the output voltage: 12.6V, 13.8V or 14.4V. The output voltage can be set to ± 3% by the FINE ADJ feature, observing the voltage in the voltmeter. OUT BATTERY Connect the positive and negative battery cabbles.

AC power

SMART COOLER A intelligent system that controls the cooling fan speed depending on the temperature and the output current. This system ensures a long life for cooling fans and provides a quieter environment. AC Power The PROCHARGER 180A is automatic bivolt (127/220V).

Technical features

AC Input VoltageBivolt Automatic (127/220V AC)
AC Input Voltage 127V100~140V AC
AC Input Voltage 220V190~250V AC
Maximum Output Current180A
Maximum Output Power Rating2590W
Maximum Input Current 127V32A
Maximum Input Current 220V23A
Maximum Float180A @14.2V: < 2%
Internal Fuse40A
Output Voltage12.6V / 13.8V / 14.4V ± 3%
Dimensions (H X W X D)10.55" x 2.83" x 12.40"


1 year warranty

Taramps recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.