Taramps Long Distance Control TLC 3000

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Taramps Long Distance Control TLC 3000

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BenefitsLong range
Frequency-shift keying
Rubbery Cover, available in white, black and red

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TLC 3000

The Taramps TLC 3000 long distance control was developed to be adapted with most players that already have original remote controls from the factory. Ideal for devices with a rear USB input, it’s compatible with most sound players. It offers efficiency and high performance, controlling your system from a distance of up to 300m in an open area. It has codes that prevent the copy and retransmission of signals, reducing external interference (FSK) as much as possible. Also, with predefined configurations and synchronization of up to 3 controls (the main and 2 more reserves), this product highlights a simple installation.

Technical Features

Power Supply VoltageReceiver Base: 6 ~ 16VDC
Transmitter (Control): 1.8 ~ 3.6V (Battery)
Maximum ConsumptionReceiver Base: 30mA
Transmitter (Control): 7mA (Battery)

Modulation: FSK
Frequency: 433,5 Mhz
Maximum Power: +10dBm
Dimensions(H X W X D)Receiver Base: 2.12" x 0.66" x 1.81"
Transmitter-Control: 1.44" x 0.45" x 3.01"
WeightReceiver Base: 0.22lb
Transmitter-Control: 0.22lb


1 year warranty

Taramps recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.