Taramps Smart Charger 120A Power Supply 120 Amperes Battery Charger

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Taramps Smart Charger 120A Power Supply 120 Amperes Battery Charger

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Thinking about strength, technology and safety in a single product, the brand of sources and battery chargers from Grupo Taramps developed the SMART CHARGER 120A. With a power of up to 120 amps, it is the most modern and efficient energy converter for high-power batteries for recharging batteries and powering an automotive sound system. The energy your car stereo needs.

Output and power Connector

It has micro-controlled management of its functions, a SMART COOLER system that provides a low noise level and greater durability, it is automatic bivolt, has a voltmeter, adjustable output voltage from 12.0 to 14.5VDC and current control.

Technical features

AC Input VoltageBivolt Automatic (127/220VAC)
AC Input Voltage 127V90~140V AC
AC Input Voltage 220V190~250V AC
Maximum Output Current120A
Maximum Output Power Rating1700W
Maximum Input Current 127V20A
Maximum Input Current 220V16A
Maximum Float120A @14.2V: <2%
Internal Fuse20A
Output Voltage12.0V~14.5V
Dimensions (W X H X D)9.09" x 3.1" x 11.77"
Weight7.23 lbs


1 year warranty

Taramps recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.