Taramps 10" T 900 MB 450 Watts Max 6 Ohms

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Taramps 10" T 900 MB 450 Watts Max 6 Ohms

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Benefits450 Watts RMS
10 Inches
6 Ohms
80 Hz to 5.500 Hz
Package with one speaker

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T 900 MB

The T 900 MB is a woofer that was carefully designed to provide high definition and sound pressure from the mid low to the mid high frequencies. Available in 10-inch version and 6 Ohms . Capable of handling up to 900 Watts in a program power, suitable to varied car audio and pro audio projects. Among the many possibilities, we can highlight the use in “horned” boxes, an application in which it presents excellent performance. Improve your sound experience with Taramps speakers.

Technical Features

RMS Power 450 W
Musical Program Power 900 W
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Electric Resistance Of The Coil Wire 4.5 ohms/VCC
No (Efficiency Reference) 3.015%
Sensitivity (@ 1w, 1m) - Free-air 96.811 dB
Diaphragm Mass 0.074 Lbs
Total Mass 0.082 Lbs
Product Bl 16.482 TM
Mechanical Q (QMS) 10.406
Electric Q (QES) 0.301
Total Q (QTS) 0.293
Compliance (CMS) 113. 514u M/N
Equivalent Volume (VAS) 20.466 liters
Frequency Response 80 Hz to 5.500 Hz
Resonance Frequency 77.124 Hz
Le @ 1 Khz (Coil Inductance At 10 Khz) 0.631 mH
Cone Effective Area (SD) 0.0356 Sq.m
Cone Excursion Without Distortion (X MAX) -+ 0,22"
Flow Density In The Gap 15.500 Gauss
Nominal Diameter 10"
Ferrite Measurements 7,87" x 3,38" x 0,94"
Coil Diameter 3"
Coil Height 0.59"
Coil Wire Material CCAW
Coil Wire Section Round
Coil Shape Fiber
Gap Height 0.27"
Housing Material Aluminum
Ferrite Material Barium
Weight 21.7 lbs
Volume Occupied In The Cabinet 2.71 liters
EAN 7898556849180


1 year warranty

Taramps recommends that the installation be done by a specialized professional and is not responsible for the misuse of the product.